Are Your Brakes in Tip-Top Shape?

Are Your Brakes in Tip-Top Shape?

Choose a reliable auto repair shop for your brake repairs in Lake Charles, LA

When was the last time you had your brakes checked? Brakes are a crucial part of a vehicle safety, and it's important that you regularly maintain them to make sure they're always in good working condition. You should have your brakes checked annually at Prien Tire Shop, LLC, making sure any necessary repairs are immediately taken care of. You never know when swerving traffic will require you to come to a complete stop. Proper brake repair and maintenance means your vehicle will stop when you need it to.

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Avoid worn down brake pads and rotors with our brake repair services

You use your brakes daily, so you should have confidence that they’ll stop your vehicle when you need them to. When someone runs a red light, or you need to stop suddenly in traffic, you don’t want your brakes to be worn down to the rotors and unable to do their job. At Prien Tire Shop, our experienced technicians will make sure your brakes are in top working condition by:

  • Buffing out the rotors
  • Replacing the rotors
  • Replacing the brake pads

When you visit our Lake Charles, LA auto repair shop, you can rest assured that your vehicle and your brakes are in experienced hands.
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